Wall Hanging

Museum Silent-Night-Museum "Pflegerschlössl", Wagrain
Location Wagrein

The fabric embroidered with the caption "Silent night, holy night", acts most likely as a cover at the family alter, a corner of the room in a farmer's house that is decorated in a Christian fashion.

The textile of the weaving is also wool. The embroidery in the style of stem stitch and satin stitch uses only five colours, whereby it is noticeable that the head of baby Jesus has not been stitched with the skin colour of the body, but with the background colour. The textile is only bound on three sides by machine, which indicates a position directly on a room wall - the placement of the centre on the fourth side would have been a luxury, which speaks for its origin from a humble household, and for that class of citizen that vicar Mohr would have been so involved with.

Photos: Hemma Ebner
Text: Carola Marie Schmidt

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