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Silent Night Society´s appeal during the Christmas period:
"embrace and use all six verses of the carol - as a godsend and as a message to the world!" President Neureiter: "Spread the word of the complete carol with its message!". "This carol of worldwide-peace is a gift and carries a message. "Silent Night" was written with six verses, but it is usually shortened to three only! Details

"Silent Night" on DVD. Material for the christmas carol
With this DVD the Silent Night Sociaty provides notes and audio recordings, photographs and films, publications and presentations, and texts to the emergence and spread of the song. Details

"Silent Night! - the Christmas carol" on the national list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage
President Neureiter: "We want to convey the carol, its origins and its message into the hearts and minds of the national population and visitors from all over the world!" Details

Stille Nacht Museen Online

"Silent Night! - the Christmas carol" on the national list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage Wagrain - Stille Nacht Wagrain Wagrain DVD available: Silent Night, Holy Night: A Message of Peace Hallein Feierstunde Salzburg: Vintage train ride Wagrain - Stille Nacht Wagrain Seasons greetings from Oberndorf, the "Silent Night"-town Wagrain - Stille Nacht Wagrain Wagrain - Stille Nacht Wagrain
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Text and Music

The authentic version of "Silent Night! Holy Night!" as well as sheets of music and the song for download are placed here.

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Dates and events can be found here as well as internet-links and publications concerned with the topic.


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