Franz Xaver Gruber – Peace Walk in Hochburg-Ach

A walk which unites Nature and the Arts in a unique way. During a circular walking tour of about 1 hour, there are 7 sculptured items to be seen, created by the well-known sculptor, Hubert J. Flörl from Wildschönau, which are integrated into the splendid background countryside around Hochburg.

Each sculpture is around 3 metres high and symbolises one continent held by an angel?s wing made of caste-bronze. Each continent bears one verse from the carol ?Silent Night?. On the reverse side there is information about Franz Xaver Gruber and the propagation of the carol. Information signs along the way describe the young Franz Xaver Gruber?s favourite spots.

This walk is an invitation to experience personally the peaceable union of the world., which is what the walk aims to symbolise. Of all the impressions, modern and traditional, created on this theme-walk, possibly the most impressive sculpture is reached at the end of the walk, where Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr are portrayed with the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child.

Hochburg ACH_Friedensweg AFRIKA_Stille Nacht Gesellschaft_Gollackner

Franz Xaver Gruber Friedensweg

Hochburg ACH_FXGruber Friedensweg_Station6Maria_FXGemeinschaft

(c) Franz Xaver Gruber Gemeinschaft

Peace Walk
Parking possibilities at the beginning
Hochburg 2
A-5122 Hochburg/Ach


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