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Franz Xaver Gruber

Franz Xaver Gruber was born on November 25, 1787 in the house Unterweizburg 9 (“Steinpointsölde”) in the Innviertel community of Hochburg (Upper Austria). The first names “Conrad Xavier” are entered in the baptismal register, he later changed these to “Franz Xaver”. The house where he was born, the Steinpointsölde, no longer stands but the house built in its place bears a memorial plaque.

Gruber's parents Josef and Anna Gruber were small farmers and linen weavers. As weaving was an important form of extra income, the parents thought their son Franz Xaver should also become a linen weaver. The teacher, Andreas Peterlechner and the pastor, Simon Dobler, however, noticed the boy's musical talent and Peterlechner encouraged the student musically wherever possible.

Eventually, the strict father gave permission for his son to take organ lessons with the well-known choir regent, Georg Hartdobler in Burghausen, eight kilometers away. Hartdobler was so enthusiastic about the 18-year-old that he took him into his home and taught him free of charge. After only three months of lessons, Franz Xaver Gruber was able to play the figured bass on the organ and composed his first songs.

After training as a primary school teacher, Franz Xaver Gruber took the exam in Ried im Innkreis in 1806 and then returned to his place of birth. He completed his practical year as a school assistant with his sponsor and teacher Peterlechner in Hochburg.

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Franz Xaver Gruber Community

Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House

Franz Xaver Gruber Peace Way

History game "The Search for the Silent Night"

Silent Night Peace Prize

Local Community

The municipality of Hochburg-Ach is located in the Braunau am Inn district, Upper Austria, and has 3,264 inhabitants (January 1, 2020). Halleinss salt played a major role in its history. Between March and October 500 to 600 boatmen shipped the salt downstream. On the way back they brought grain or wine into the country. In 1779 the community came together with the Innviertel (then 'Innbaiern') to the Archduchy of Austria.

Hochburg-Ach belongs to the Seelentium tourist region and is located opposite the Bavarian city of Burghausen. From the Hochburg-Ach mine you have an excellent view of the longest castle in the world in Burghausen.

Hochburg ACH_Friedensweg AFRIKA_Stille Nacht Gesellschaft_Gollackner

Franz Xaver Gruber Friedensweg

Orgel Pfarrkirche Hochburg Achc Gemeinde Hochburg Ach Kathrin Gollackner

(c) Stille Nacht Gesellschaft, Kathrin Gollackner

Franz Xaver Gruber Gedächtnishaus c Hochburg Ach Kathrin Gollackner 1

(c) Gemeinde Hochburg-Ach, Kathrin Gollackner

Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House in Hochburg-Ach

Franz Xaver Gruber was born in Hochburg in 1787 and later attended school here. His first experience serving as an assistant schoolteacher also took place in Hochburg. Memorial plaques on the side of the house built on the site of Gruber's home and birthplace, Unterweizberg 9 (original house was torn down in 1927), and on the school building (now a music school) commemorate Gruber's presence here.

The Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House contains a model of Gruber's original house and the family linen weaving machine on which Gruber himself worked, according to word-of-mouth testimony.

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Hochburg ACH_Stube FXGruber Gedächtnishaus_Stille Nacht Gesellschaft_Gollackner

Franz Xaver Gruber Gedächtnishaus (c) Stille Nacht Gesellschaft, Kathrin Gollackner

FX Gruber Lebensbaumc FX Gruber Gemeinschaft

Lebensbaum (c) Franz Xaver Gruber Gemeinschaft

Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House
Hochburg 2
A-5122 Hochburg/Ach


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