Silent Night Museum Hallein and Gruber's Burial Site

Gruber lived 28 years in Hallein serving as director of choral music, singer and organist. His grave is located near the parish church and in front of the building in which he lived. A central theme of Gruber's life was music and the creation of music. Memorial plaques at the grave-site and by his former home commemorate his musical contributions.

The Silent Night Archives of Hallein and the Silent Night Museum of Hallein are both housed in the apartment building where Gruber once lived. One room of the museum is dedicated to the origin and dissemination of the song.

It contains, among other things, the original guitar of Joseph Mohr which he used during the first performance of the song in 1818. In another room there are items from Gruber's life including original musical instruments and furniture from his apartment.

Open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Further information +43 (0) 6245 / 85394 or 80783

Abb 2 c Gruenwald

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Stille Nacht Museum Hallein
Gruberplatz 1
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