Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House in Hochburg-Ach

Franz Xaver Gruber was born in Hochburg in 1787 and later attended school here. His first experience serving as an assistant schoolteacher also took place in Hochburg. Memorial plaques on the side of the house built on the site of Gruber's home and birthplace, Unterweizberg 9 (original house was torn down in 1927), and on the school building (now a music school) commemorate Gruber's presence here.

The Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House contains a model of Gruber's original house and the family linen weaving machine on which Gruber himself worked, according to word-of-mouth testimony.

Starting at Easter till 26th of October daily from 1.30 until 4.30 PM

Special tours by appointment
Tel. Tel. +43 (0) 7727 / 2652 or +43 (0) 7727 / 2255

Hochburg ACH_Stube FXGruber Gedächtnishaus_Stille Nacht Gesellschaft_Gollackner

Franz Xaver Gruber Gedächtnishaus (c) Stille Nacht Gesellschaft, Kathrin Gollackner

FX Gruber Lebensbaumc FX Gruber Gemeinschaft

Lebensbaum (c) Franz Xaver Gruber Gemeinschaft

Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House
Hochburg 2
A-5122 Hochburg/Ach



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