Silent-Night-Museum "Pflegerschlössl", Wagrain

3th December 2017 till 6th January 2018 daily from 10 AM to 5 PM. 7th January till 1st April and 10th May till 26th October 2018: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

1th December 2018 till 6th January 2019 daily from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Special tours by appointment Tel. +43 (0) 6413 / 8448

Pflegerschlössl-bei-Nacht- -Kulturverein-Blaues-Fenster

(c) Kulturverein Blaues Fenster

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Joseph Mohr Denkmalc Kulturverein Blaues Fenster Wagrain

Joseph Mohr Denkmal im Park vor dem Stille Nacht Museum im Pflegerschlössl (c) Kulturverein Blaues Fenster Wagrain

A-5602 Wagrain




Aus Joseph Mohrs privatem Eigentum ist fast nichts erhalten, der Beständigkeit der Kirche jedoch ist es zu verdanken, dass sich…

Musical Clock

In a silk-lined niche, there is a figurine group made out of Bisque Porcelain, a material that demonstrates an ease of formability and soft…

Musical Box

The musical box with mahogany inlays on a centrally placed lid, shows a nativity set with angels in the style of a silhouette. The motif is…


Using a quick feather, the artist sketches the grave of Vicar Joseph Mohr. In doing so on location, that being in the graveyard itself, he…

Bentwood Box

The bentwood box made of soft wood, and in a typical oval form, emerges upon a first listening as something to be seen in the context of…

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