Joseph Mohr in the City of Salzburg

Joseph Mohr was born on 11 December 1792 in the city of Salzburg in the area of Dompfarre (cathedral parish). He was the illegitimate son of the embroiderer Anna Schoiber from Hallein and the soldier Franz Mohr from Mariapfarr in Lungau. His birth house is unknown.

For a long time it was assumed to be the building in Steingasse 9 next to the Kapuzinerberg staircase. Mohr’s residence during his school years is also unknown.

The existing infrastructure in music and school education made it easier for gifted boys from the urban underclass to take up education. Joseph Mohr, the lyricist of “Silent Night” received this opportunity and began preparing for theological studies in 1803 shortly before the end of the sovereign ecclesiastical principality of Salzburg.

(Source Silent Night Travel Guide for Salzburg, Upper Austria, Bavaria and Tyrol, Article of Mag. Renate Ebeling-Winkler). Download

SALZBUR Gsteingasse wohnhaus03

Haus Steingasse 31, Stadt Salzburg Wohnort von Joseph Mohr um 1794 (c) Stille Nacht Gesellschaft, Kathrin Gollackner

Stadtansicht Salzburg Tourismus Salzburg

Stadt Salzburg (c) Tourismus Salzburg

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