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Øyvind Norheim: The development and spreading of "Stille Nacht" in Denmark and Norway

1. B. S: Ingemann's text "Glade Jul!" The Danish poet Bernhard Severin Ingemann (1789 - 1862) Why the Danish poet Bernhard Severin Ingemann (1789 - 1862) wrote his Christmas carol…

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The odyssey of the Mohr guitar

A guitar also has a story and, what`s more, this one has a long and diverse story that is worth telling. The instrument in question has a corpus made of…

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Anna Holzner: The grave of F.X. Gruber in Hallein

The funeral of the choral director and organist Franz Xaver Gruber, who had died on 7th June at the age of 76, took place on 10th June 1863 in Hallein…

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Die Burghauser Pfarrmusik: Georg Hartdobler und sein Schüler Franz Xaver Gruber

Eine in der Forschung zum Entstehen des Weltfriedensliedes bisher marginale Rolle spielt der ehemals an der Stadtpfarrkirche St. Jakob zu Burghausen wirkende Organist Georg Hartdobler. Franz Xaver Gruber erwähnt ihn…

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