Silent Night Museum Lamprechtshausen-Arnsdorf

Franz Gruber served here as schoolteacher, organist and church caretaker. The building next to the church housed the school downstairs and Gruber's home upstairs. It is likely that he composed the melody to "Silent Night!" in this building. Elementary age school children continue to be taught today in the "Gruber Classroom".

Memorial plaques at the school building and church make reference to the events of 1818. These buildings have changed very little since the days when Gruber lived here.

The Franz-Xaver-Gruber-Museum is located in the second store of the schoolhouse in which Gruber lived and worked. The rooms contain original furniture and items from Gruber's time there.

From Easter till December Saturday and Sunday 2 PM until 5 PM
In December till January 6 daily from 2 PM until 5 PM.
Special tours by appointment Tel. +43 (0) 664 1589400

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Stille Nacht Museum Lamprechtshausen-Arnsdorf- Fotos: Stefan Zenzmaier

Axel Cortic Verein Stille Nacht Arnsdorf 1

"Axel Corti - Lebenswege". Sonderausstellung im Stille Nacht Museum Arnsdorf (c) Verein Stille Nacht Arnsdorf

Silent Night Museum Arnsdorf
Stille Nacht Platz 1
5112 Lamprechtshausen/Arnsdorf




The timeline highlights the various key points in the history of Arnsdorf. An interesting detail is that Arnsdorf is not only in all…

Pilgrimage Image

Copperplate engraving representing “Saint Maria of Armsdorf”. View of the Pilgrimage Church with the Virgin Mary surrounded by angels. One…

Accommodation List

Accommodation list for officers in Lamprechtshausen, “Armstorfer quarter”, including details of rations. Double sheet, written on three…

Organ Pipe

A wooden organ pipe from the pilgrimage church of “Maria in the Mösl”, in Arnsdorf. The organ was built in 1745 by Andreas Mitterreiter,…

Franz Xaver Gruber's Teacher's Desk

According to oral tradition, this desk was used in the very class Gruber taught. The school benches date from the late nineteenth century.…

Window Fittings

Window Fittings from the backroom. Made from iron sheet metal, tin plated.Photos: Stefan ZenzmaierText: Hemma Ebner

Tripod with Quick Cooker

Domestic life centred on the “Rauchkuchl” (literally a “smoke-kitchen” – a kitchen in which cooking was over an open fire). In 1807 Gruber…


As a teacher Franz Xaver Gruber was required to keep a “circular book”, in which he recorded the directives of the schools administrative…


The Young Student’s Writer and Reader. A Gift for Children who wish to learn to read and write in a short time. The frontispiece is…


Watercolour miniature, possibly by Franz Xaver Gruber himself. It shows the building in which Gruber’s son (or grandson) Felix was born,…

Paint Layers

During the general renovations in 2010, the layers of paint applied since the construction of the building were examined, revealing a total…

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