Museum Silent Night Museum Lamprechtshausen-Arnsdorf
Location Lamprechtshausen/Arnsdorf

The timeline highlights the various key points in the history of Arnsdorf. An interesting detail is that Arnsdorf is not only in all probability the place where the melody one of the world’s most famous Christmas carols was written, but also has another important claim to musical fame: the Salzburg composer Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1806) often stayed at the presbytery in Arnsdorf, visiting his best friend and future biographer P. Werigand Rettensteiner (1751-1822), who was the priest of Lamprechtshausen and Arnsdorf from 1787 to 1803. As Rettensteiner used to sing together with his two chaplains, he asked Haydn to compose choral trios, which Haydn later worked into quartets. These male-voice quartets became exceedingly popular and well known, so that Arnsdorf can claim to be one of the cradles of male choral singing.

Photo: Hemma Ebner
Text: Eva Neumayr

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