Museum Silent Night Museum Oberndorf
Location Oberndorf

Portrayal of the origins of the Christmas Carol Silent Night at Christmas in the year 1818. This watercolour was painted by Franz Kulstrunk from his imagination around 1900. It shows Josef Mohr’s parlour. His violin hangs on the wall, on a bench by the stove a white cat sleeps. The Fenstergartl, or window garden, between the panes of glass is a speciality of Oberndorf. Here moss and little figures have been used to create a nativity scene. Behind is a view of Oberndorf’s St. Nicola church and the water tower. The church keys are recognisable hanging on an 1818 calendar on the wall next to the window. Franz Xaver Gruber sits at the spinet in the centre of the room, while Josef Mohr stands in the doorway listening. Above them hovers a choir of angels with the words Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht (Silent night, holy night) on a scroll.

Photo: Wilhelm Gstöttner
Text: Brigitte Gstöttner

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