Museum Silent Night Museum Oberndorf
Location Oberndorf

A Nikologartl is a little garden on a base surrounded by a fence. The four corner posts have golden nuts mounted on them. The four candles standing at the front may represent the four Sundays of Advent or the four seasons or similar. It is possible that it portrays the Garden of Eden. On 6 December, a St. Nicholas figure (made from an apple) and his scary dark companion Krampus (the figure was made from prunes) were placed in the garden, and some small gifts were added. As it was not the custom to have a Christmas tree or to give gifts at Christmas in those days, the children received modest gifts on 6 December, St. Nicholas day. The first Nikologartln are found in the Alsace and in Oberndorf.

Photo: Wilhelm Gstöttner
Text: Brigitte Gstöttner

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